Five simple lessons that I learned about cloud and external hard drive storage

testIn this business, saving your work is just as important as what you save your work on. That said, I’ve had a hell of a time with external hard drives and cloud storage these past few months. Here is what I learned:

1. You need to know your needs first. I needed a black hole for hard drive space for all the videos that I produce. But someone doing college papers on a consistent basis may not need that much space. Therefore, you shouldn’t look for a RAID drive for a million college papers. a 1TB drive would probably suit you fine. Me, I need an abyss. Period.

2. Technology fails, and so do hard drives. I’ve lost a couple of TB’s worth of work FOREVER with a cloud server that erased my contents when I didn’t check a box. That said, I quickly found out that CrashPlan Pro did not suit my needs for cloud storage. Neither did HP. Our “technology personalities” didn’t mesh. What does that mean? Some cloud storage databases may not mesh with your lifestyle. I’m a mother, and I always have a little boy asking me a million questions. Therefore, I don’t have time to figure out your database while I’m answering questions, cooking dinner, helping with homework, and getting lunches together for the next day, while I’m editing video. Yes, it can be done.

That’s not to say CrashPlan or HP won’t work for you. But for me and my needs, it doesn’t work.

3. Are you sharing any of your video or photos? If so, look for drives that will allow you to share you video between your iPad, or other mobile devices, and your computer(s). I ran across this pretty puppy, and it’s been getting pretty good Amazon reviews. Check it out:

4. Do you have so many videos, that your behind actually needs a RAID? Well, if that’s a possibility, I suggest you speak with a customer service representative, and sleep on that idea for a few days. I know it’s a customer service agent’s job to sell you some stuff, even if it’s crap, but you should still get a consult. I learned from my days in the Navy that we didn’t need nearly as much space on our RAID as we thought, and we could have saved the government some money. That was all a result of someone not talking to a customer service agent to see where our needs had to be met. More hard drive space is a good thing, but five or ten years worth is just a waste of money to me. Especially considering the fact that technology changes constantly, and we as producers always have to be on the edge of it.

5. Check the security of your hard drives! Check, check, and check again. NSA could be watching. But seriously, if you have important videos, and zero security, you may want to fix that. I have a few suggestions on how to lock your computer and HD down tighter than a death row prison cell block, but I’ll wait for a little while. I want to share some photos;)

What are your suggestions for storage? Do you have any tried and true methods? Please share:)


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