Answers to Video Production Basics test

SMA_10.22.12_LEAD-resize-380x300Video production Basics test

password: vp101
  1. What is the Rule of Thirds?
    1. Framing subject in third of a shot
  2. What is a cut?
    1. Going from one scene to another without a transition
  3. What is a cross dissolve?
    1. A transition where one scene fades into the next scene
  4. Depth of Field is the amount of space between the nearest and farthest objects that are in focus in a picture.
    1. True
  5. Tilting a camera involves moving the camera up and down.
    1. True
  6. What do you use to keep your camera from moving?
    1. A Tripod
  7. What does RGB stand for?
    1. Red, Green, Blue
  8. If the video is said to have “backlight” then the subject in the video will appear to be ____
    1. dark like a silhouette
  9. What is exposure?
    1. how bright your subject gets
  10. The microphone on the camera also known as shotgun mic is used to record _______ sound
    1. ambient

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